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XXVIII: The Intricate, Ever-Changing Nature of Patent Law, and How it Affects IoT?with John Sotomayor, Founder and Managing Patent Attorney at SotoIP.

Did you know that software hasn’t always been patent-eligible? Or that the right to patent and profit off inventions is the only right guaranteed to citizens in the US Constitution? Join us in RIoT Studios for a conversation with John Sotomayor, a former patent examiner and current Managing Patent Attorney at SotoIP. John gives us a deep dive into the history of patent law, then we fast forward to now, considering the effect of patent law on the 4th industrial revolution. John also shares lots of information that current entrepreneurs and inventors should consider when developing their IP strategy.

Soto IP | Soto Riot

SOTO IP at a recent RIOT event in Raleigh, NC.


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