Our goal is to demystify the Patent process whenever possible.

Understanding the intricacies of the Patent process is not a given, thus we strive to educate along the way.

We earn our clients’ trust and confidence in our work.

Our founder brings a depth of engineering and legal experience to helping clients develop an IP Strategy and drafting Patent Applications that can make it through the Patent Office and stand up to litigation. This is a skill- and art-based craft that takes time to hone and with a former Patent Examiner on the team, we bring unique insight and perspective in advising clients on how to achieve their intellectual property goals.

We partner with our clients and are responsive and accessible.

We are not a unidimensional transactional Patent firm, but rather partner and develop long-term relationships with our clients with the goal of caring for their intellectual property needs as they grow.

As well, SotoIP believes that strong startup ecosystems are built by people and organizations helping each other. We strive to support our clients beyond IP by leveraging our network to access other areas of expertise needed by companies along their growth journey.

Our fees are transparent and reasonable.

By operating as a semi-virtual law consultancy and offering a transparent flat-rate fee structure, we are able to help extend a client’s cash runway.

For all prospective clients, we offer a free 30-minute initial consultation. We welcome hearing from you!

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IP Analyses

When launching an innovative product or process, it is advisable to conduct a Patent Search early in the product life cycle to avoid the possibility of infringing on others.

Patent Discovery, Preparation & Prosecution

There is often uncertainty surrounding what rises to the level of patentability and non-obviousness is not always straightforward. We work closely with clients to discover their patentable innovations and develop a strategy to best protect their assets.

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IP Strategy & Patent Portfolio Development

When developing an IP strategy, you should consider each type of intellectual property (IP) protection: copyright, trademark, and Patent. Each offers different protection and rights as well as different benefits, applications, and risks.

Entry into the U.S. National Stage

When entering the US National Stage there are two primary approaches: 1. Establish Patent Application priority date in the US first by filing directly in the U.S. 2. Link the priority date of an original foreign Patent Application filing to a new U.S Patent Application.

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IP Due Diligence Analysis For Founders and Investors

When growing or investing in a company, it is not uncommon for founders and investors to only focus on market fit and the potential size of the market to be captured while failing to think about the opportunities surrounding a company’s intellectual property (IP) holdings.


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