IP Analyses

Patent Search

When launching an innovative product or process, it is advisable to conduct a Patent Search early in the product life cycle to avoid the possibility of infringing on others.

SotoIP identifies client innovations that are patent eligible then conducts an exhaustive Search to identify any publicly available Patents (existing or no longer in force), Patent applications, and products or services in the public domain related to the innovation under review. Our method of conducting a Patent Search is a highly detailed and thorough process that follows that of a U.S. Patent Examiner.

Patentability Opinion

The analysis of the Patent Search results determines the prior art that may apply to the client?s innovation. This information then informs the Patentability Opinion, which outlines for a client the similarities to and distinctions from their innovation resultant from all relevant references discovered during the search process. This information then informs whether patent protection should be pursued.

Competitive IP Landscape Analysis

This is a competitor benchmarking of IP holdings which analyzes a client?s Patent Portfolio to that of their competitors by drilling down to evaluate the strength of Claims in similar domains. It can also show where strategic opportunities lie in the marketplace by highlighting where competitors are not active or innovating.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

This analysis identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and/or threats that can affect the value of a Patent.

The key indicator of a Patent’s strength is the scope of the claims granted and thus, how the Patent would withstand scrutiny of a Patent challenge. This process uses Claim structure and Claim element analysis to ascertain the breadth of protection provided by the Claims.

This is most valuable to those interested in monetizing their IP assets.


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