Demystifying the Patent Process

Demystifying the Patent Process

John Sotomayor talks with WeWork Labs Insider and explains the Patent Process.

Rules of Thumb: How To Be Smart With Your IP Strategy, with John Sotomayor of Soto IP

As a patent attorney and former patent examiner, John Sotomayor has just about seen it all when it comes to patents and IP. A long-time RIoTer, John joined the RIoT crew again to share his insights on how to be thoughtful when it comes to IP strategy. Based off of our learnings, we compiled four basic rules of thumb to consider when it comes to IP strategy…

Creating a Patent Portfolio

There are three primary goals to keep in mind when building a Patent portfolio: The prudent use of company funds to generate and prosecute Patent applications to a successful conclusion, Capturing innovations efficiently and effectively by minimizing the time inventors are taken away from their primary tasks in the company, and Having an IP Strategy to guide the way….


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